Is Your Computer Technician Securely Erasing Your Old Hard Drive After Replacement?

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Is Your Computer Technician Securely Erasing Your Old Hard Drive After Replacement?

This is a very serious question that everyone with a computer technician should be asking! Even if you deal with a well known and trusted computer repair business. The problem is that nowadays there is a huge amount of malicious people that are trying to steal innocent people’s data and identities.

I’m going to keep this nice and short – I am a computer technician of 20 years and want to help educate the people with proper computer repair procedures. I’ve seen MANY “Professional” computer repair technicians clone a hard drive and just toss the old one in a stack of old hard drives. The problem with this is that these hard drives end up in criminals hands sometimes and hold an enormous amount of personal data.

On a more business note: Computer Repair business owners should always have proper procedures for their employees that includes the following steps and documents.

1.) Simply ask the customer first if they would like to keep their existing hard drive. This is the easiest method because its saves us techs roughly 2 hours of time erasing the hard drive and also serves as a possible emergency backup for the existing data on the drive.

2.) If the customer says to keep or toss the hard drive out, explain to them the proper technique is to securely erase the hard drive. Make sure to get a signature confirming you securely erased the hard drive from the customer!!

3.) Get a manager, supervisor or even another computer technician to witness the secure erase and sign or initial your Secure Erase Document or Log (You do have one right??!)

** Cover Your Butts technicians, THIS IS A SUE CRAZY WORLD!! **

Here are a couple links to some open source and free secure erase applications.

Top 5 Hard Drive Secure Erase Applications

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